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Example: Green Energy Europe (GEE) project.

The realization of the GEE project opens up holistic benefits for Germany and Greece
through the generation and use of renewable energy.

Photovoltaic power plants, parabolic trough power plants and wind farms contribute to the
closure of nuclear reactors and reduction of thermal power plants, among others.

Other benefits:

Creation of new and safeguarding of existing jobs
Stabilization of the general energy supply & expansion of the inner-European power grid
Strengthening of the economy by increasing the turnover of the companies involved
Development of infrastructure and establishment of new industries also in structurally weak
The Greek government is strongly pushing and promoting the expansion of renewable

H&S Deutschland GmbH has taken over the central administration of the large-scale GEE
project in Germany.

HS-Deutschland  Projekt Green Energy Europe (GEE)


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